Snapchat’s New Update Lets You Make QR Snapcodes to Open Websites

Now you will be able to tag your friends on Snapchat

Instagram and Facebook are never again the main places where you can tag your buddies in humiliating photographs.

Snapchat has affirmed to TechCrunch that it is trying a new feature that enables users to tag others in photographs and videos.

The feature was first uncovered by Twitter client Matt Rappaport on Thursday.

As per Rappaport, you should simply type “@” trailed by a username, and an alternative to tag that individual will fly up inside the photograph.

Tagging your companion will create a swipe-up menu demonstrating the user’s name, handle, Bitmoji, and a choice to include them as a companion. The feature could hypothetically be a fun method to promote your most loved accounts by making it simple for people to take after.

If you’re tagged, you will get a notification. Here’s an illustration sent from a Snapchat beta user:

This is the notification you receive when you're tagged in a snap.

So if you all of a sudden get many requests all of a sudden, maybe a friend has gotten tag-cheerful. For the time being, it’s just a test among a little group of users, but we could say for certain that it is to come out for everyone.

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