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T-Mobile and Sprint could become one in late October

There have been indications that Sprint and T-Mobile are discussing a merger (once more), but how likely is that union? Very likely, if you ask Reuters’ sources. They understand that the two bearers are “close” to accepting the terms, and they could have an arrangement prepared by late October. There are the typical provisos, but…


Is China not liking the new iPhone so much?

Apple’s iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have arrived, and notwithstanding shorter lines and smaller group than past launches, some resolute fans have lined as long as 10 days to be among the first to lay their hands on the new phones. It’s different in China, however, where web users and nearby productions have watched lines…


Call of Duty WWII Trailer is Here, and It Is Intense

The Call of Duty: WWII story trailer is out, and as you might expect it’s filled with gunfire, explosions, evil Nazis, and fresh-faced young men struggling to come to grips with the essential immorality of war, even when it’s waged in pursuit of the greater good. Here is the trailer on YouTube. Sledgehammer co-founder Michael…


Guess Where Does IBM Beat Microsoft? In Blockchain Industry

Blockchain technology is on the radar of a number of tech corporations – and IBM is leading the way, according to a study. Big Blue has been making considerable steps forward with research and development projects aimed at broadening the scope of distributed ledger technology to include industries other than the financial services. Last month it announced a…

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