5 tech gadgets every parent must have

One thing we know for sure: gadgets are great. Gadgets make our lives easier. Daily, we use them in several ways that enable us to deal with several situations in our lives. Students use them to make their studies easier, tech experts use it as a part of their work, and we as people, then…


Breaking these seemingly unbreakable gadgets

When we think of tech gadgets, one thing which comes to our mind is taking special care of it so that it does not break. Yes, tech gadgets break a lot. This is the reason many manufacturers are now releasing what are called unbreakable tech gadgets, with claims that these tech gadgets cannot just be…


AMD Ryzen CPU with VEGA graphics review

If you are a gamer, then one thing you should know is that graphics card is really important for your CPU. A graphics card not only helps games run well, but they also help you with professional quality video editing. One of the most popular GPUs these days is the AMD Ryzen GPU. It packs…


Here are the top 10 biggest tech flops

Yes, technology is great. Every now and then, tech companies come up with new products that change the way we look at innovation, and how it is applicable in our day to day life. Nevertheless, not all innovations are here to make our lives better, for some of them are utter nonsense. The tech gadgets…


The Best Tech Essentials a Student Must Have

Technology and students have an important relation. Over time, new tech gadgets have made learning easier and fun, and it is not to deny that they are the thing for the future, and are set to revolutionise the whole learning industry. So what kind of gadgets would one need as a student? A laptop, a…


Stretchable Electronic Gadgets Are An Invention Now, And The Industry Is Going Boom In The Next Decade

Stretchable electronic gadgets have been long thought to be the next generation of cutting-edge gadgets because of their immense adaptability, and their ability to fuel the stretchable components with high mechanical toughness and high electrical conductivity. However, no possible strategy to accomplish this had been proposed until now. Researchers from South Korea have now made…

This Robot Hand Has a Soft Touch

AI Expert Claims That Robots and Humans Can Together Make Babies

The ascent of AI (Artificial Intelligence) robots can be a worry for a few people but that is not halting them without a doubt. Truth be told, quite possibly’s the AI robots will soon have ‘kids’ with their proprietors. Truly, human-robot babies are particularly conceivable, as indicated by an artificial intelligence master. Dr David Levy,…

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