This App Helps You Identify All the Fonts Out There

WhatTheFont is a designer’s fantasy. Yes, and that’s because it can identify fonts. The application is a mobile version of the site created by MyFonts, and identifies any font you point at with your camera, including a variety of comparative fonts to run with it. It likewise gives you a chance to purchase the fonts…


China plans to ban sales of fossil fuel cars entirely

China’s big electric vehicle push is about to get even bigger: The country is planning to end the sale of fossil fuel-powered vehicles entirely, with regulators working currently on a timetable of when the ban will ultimately take effect, according to Bloomberg. China is the world’s largest auto market, with 28.03 million vehicles sold last year,…


New camera can see through human body

Scientists have developed a camera that can see through the human body. The device has been designed to help doctors track medical tools, known as endoscopes, during internal examinations. Until now, medics have had to rely on expensive scans, such as X-rays, to trace their progress. The new camera works by detecting light sources inside…

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