Have you Heard of the New KFC Smartphone?

IF you a major fanatic of the Colonel and need a phone that is finger lickin’ great, you will love KFC’s most recent item. The fast food giant has declared it’s KFC smartphone to remember 30 years of operation in China. Through an association with driving Chinese smartphone producer Huawei, the chicken foundation has been…


A cycling bridge is being 3-D printed and it is wow

3D printing is an enormous classification that spreads through everything from small, DIY, plastics, to metal intended to be used in Boeing’s 787 planes. However another use has become clear, thanks to the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. Scientists there have begun producing parts for a 3D-print reinforced cement implied to be used…


Duolingo Teaches You Japanese in its Latest Update

Duolingo is one of the best free approaches to begin taking in another language, and they’re finally noting the requests of users by adding Japanese to their educational modules. Japanese has been Duolingo’s most asked for language since they launched in 2011, and now that it’s finally here on their platform here. It begins you…


Windows XP is Still the Third Most Used OS on the Planet

People still haven’t learnt their lesson with regards to running Windows XP, it appears. And for those who still use it, there’s a price to be paid. Hackers exploited a known, real imperfection in Windows XP to launch a cyberattack which is as yet creating mayhem universally. But the OS still keeps running on numerous…


Tesla Starts Taking Orders For Its Innovative Solar Roof

Tesla declared on Wednesday that it is taking $1,000 as an advance deposit for its Solar Roof, CEO Musk’s vision for making sun-powered roofs in homes. It additionally launched an online calculator so homeowners can understand the expenses related with a Solar Roof. Tesla’s Solar Roof is made of shingles that are indistinct from customary…

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