Ghana Welcomes Africa into the Space Race

The GhanaSat-1―Ghana’s first satellite―began its orbit, with a little assistance from a few companions. The cubesat, worked by a Ghanaian designing group at All Nations University, was conveyed to NASA’s International Space Station in June on a SpaceX rocket that took off from 39a at Kennedy Space Center, a NASA representative affirmed. The GhanaSat-1 conveyed…

This Is Exactly What’s Wrong with This Generation— Technology

Parents Should be Mindful of the Time their Kids Spend Online

Parents must intercede to stop their youngsters abusing web-based social networking and expending time online “like junk food”, the children’s’ commissioner has said. In a meeting with the Observer, Anne Longfield reprimanded the ways online networking giants use to draw youngsters into investing more energy. She said parents ought to be proactive in preventing their…

Snapchat’s New Update Lets You Make QR Snapcodes to Open Websites

Is Google Going to Buy Snapchat?

The search emgine giant held casual chats with Snapchat and glided an offer of $30 billion in 2016 preceding Snap’s last financing round, and just before its IPO this year, as per Business Insider’s Alex Heath. That offer was obviously an open mystery inside Snap, and was on the table after the IPO, as well….


Apple is Killing iPods; say Goodbye

Farewell, at last, to the cherished Apple iPod. Apple just discreetly declared that it was killing the Shuffle and iPad Nano, leaving just iPod Touch as the staying model, and the Touch is essentially the iPhone without telephone benefit. The others were immaculate music players, similar to the first iPod. This signifies the end of…

NASA Is Working On (Drones) For Mars Surveillance

NASA envisions a ‘Mars 2030’ landing in VR

Because you can’t run with the space explorers NASA’s efforts for the manned mission to Mars doesn’t mean you can’t encounter the Red Planet for yourself. A NASA-endorsed virtual experience called Mars 2030 has quite recently landed on the HTC Vive, the Oculus Rift and the PC through Steam. It places you in the space…


The US Voting Machine Can Be Hacked in Minutes

Programmers at a gathering in Las Vegas could effectively hack into the software of U.S. voting machines in only an hour and a half on Friday, lighting up glaring security lacks in America’s election framework. Tech minds at the yearly DEF CON in Las Vegas were given physical voting machines and remote access, with the…


Amazon May Have a Mail Delivery Box in Your Apartment

Amazon is presently offering another service called Hub, comprising of secluded lockers that the company means to introduce in multi-inhabitant buildings so people can get parcels at their own comfort. It’s a nearer to-home version of the Amazon Lockers that have been introduced at stores and open spaces over the world. Likewise with Lockers, Hub…

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