Tesla Starts Taking Orders For Its Innovative Solar Roof

Tesla declared on Wednesday that it is taking $1,000 as an advance deposit for its Solar Roof, CEO Musk’s vision for making sun-powered roofs in homes. It additionally launched an online calculator so homeowners can understand the expenses related with a Solar Roof. Tesla’s Solar Roof is made of shingles that are indistinct from customary…

Wechat Russia

Russia Blocks WeChat for Not Abiding by Its Security Measures

The communication regulator of Moscow has added WeChat to its rundown of blocked sites, as indicated by Russian state news office TASS. The chat application crossed paths with laws requiring companies that distribute data online to enlist with the government in Russia. Worked by tech giant Tencent, WeChat has around 900 million month to month…

breast cancer bra

A Breast Cancer Detecting Bra is Developed by a Teenager

An 18-year-old has developed a bra designed to detect indications of breast cancer, an innovation he says could spare the lives of a huge number of women. The “auto-exploration bra”, as it is called, is created by Julian Rios Cantu, and contains 200 sensors that spot early indications of cancer. He was roused to develop…

Google's anti-phishing tools.

Google Takes New Measures to Fight Phishing Attacks

One day after people found a suspicious email in their inboxes welcoming them to see a Google Doc that was fake, Google presented safer tools for its Android Gmail application. When a false connection appears in an email, Google will now caution you, saying, “The site you are trying to visit has been identified as…

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