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Facebook is all ready to support new 3D formats in its news feed

Support for 3D imagery on Facebook is developing. Last October, Facebook presented posts of 3D objects on its news feed. The social network took off help for a new record design this week, which will make it considerably less demanding for its users to share fantastic 3D pictures. The organization, glTF 2.0, takes into consideration…


You Will Now Be Able To Share Instagram Stories On WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a piece of the Facebook Empire, and so is Instagram. In October 2017, Facebook had let you post Instagram Stories on Facebook. And now, Facebook is anticipating to have WhatsApp included in the stream. As indicated by reports, Facebook is currently trying a new feature amongst Instagram and WhatsApp. Instagram stories are Snapchat-like…


China Wants Google and Facebook to Strictly Adhere to Its Laws

China has more than 700 hundred million web users, but if tech companies need a cut of the activity, they’ll need to keep the nation’s tight control laws. The update originates from Qi Xiaoxia, executive general of the Bureau of International Cooperation at the Cyberspace Administration of China, who talked at the UN’s Internet Governance…


Facebook Is Done With Those Click-bait Strategies

Facebook has declared that it is trying to get rid of engagement bait strategies being used by a few pages. Some unmindful users may fall prey to such engagement bait strategies but such posts most likely are disturbing. Presently, the online networking giant has reported that it would make a move on the individuals who…


This is What Mark Zuckerberg Told His New Daughter

Facebook’s co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has urged his young daughter to play outside and enjoy the wonders of being a kid, in a heartfelt letter posted on his social media site. The letter was published on Monday to announce the birth of his second child, August, with wife Priscilla Chan. In the gushing missive, the parents…


Are You a Free WiFi Hogger? Facebook Will Help

Facebook would now be able to disclose to you where to discover the closest wifi. The company is taking off Find Wi-Fi to iPhone and Android gadgets around the globe. This element gives people a chance to look for places that have free or open web in their areas. “We launched Find Wi-Fi in a…

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